Local Sisters start new law firm

06ced92As of today two local sisters, also mentors, mr Kristel Olthoff and mr Annette Otten open their new family law firm D-Foorce at Brinklaan 121 in Bussum. Both were, up till now, partners in the Gooische Meesters law firm. D-Foorce is a powerful, specialised  law firm focusing on family law practice.

D-Foorce has an extensive network that can be involved in family law matters consisting of professionals like solicitors, financial planners, tax specialists, pension experts, psychologists 07a5cd8and parent-child coaches. D-Foorce also closely cooperates with mr Margreet Ruijgrok, lawyer and mediator, in Amsterdam.

From 1 July all necessary information is to be found at the new website www.d-foorce.nl. SisinBiz wishes Kristel and Annette a terrific start and success with their new firm.